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Chocolate Hummus Recipe

So I finally tried the Trader Joe's chocolate hummus that seems to be all the rage lately and let me tell you, I was not a fan. Like at all. I think the tahini (sesame seed butter) combined with the chocolate made it taste like dog biscuits (don't ask how I know that lol). 😷🐶 Anyway I decided to make my own with almond butter instead of tahini and omg 🙌 SO much better! I paired it with some low carb cinnamon "pita chips" that I made with Cut Da Carb low-carb flatbread (80 calories, 9 net carbs) in the air fryer. Delish! Chocolate Hummus: - 1 can chickpeas (drained) - 1/4 cup almond butter - 1/2 cup cocoa powder - 1/4 cup liquid sweetener of choice (honey, maple syrup, agave, 0 cal sweetener, sugar-free syrup, etc.) - 1 tsp vanilla extract - 1/4 tsp kosher salt Combine everything in food processor and blend until smooth.

*For a keto version use avocado instead of chickpeas* Cinnamon Chips: - 2 sheets Cut Da Carb flatbread - oil spray of choice (I used coconut) - 1 tbsp powdered cinnamon - 2 packets powdered stevia - 1 ziploc bag

Cut up flatbread into rectangles. Spray lightly with coconut oil spray. Air fry at 350 for 3 minutes. Place cinnamon and stevia in ziploc bag, add chips into bag and shake. Enjoy! 😋 . DISCOUNT: use code VICTORIA10 on your low-carb flatbread orders from Cut Da Carb. They also offer free shipping!

Let me know your thoughts if you try this! Enjoy!



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