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Fresh Or Frozen Vegetables?

Do you prefer fresh or frozen veggies? I personally think there is a time and place for both, but do tend to prefer the convenience of frozen these days. Did you know that in the amount of time it takes for vegetables to get from the farm to your grocery store, then to your fridge and finally to your plate, most of the nutrients die in the process? Nutrients and enzymes begin to die almost immediately after harvest and only last a very short period of time. Frozen vegetables are harvested, blanched (for nutrient retention) and frozen immediately; therefore they are most likely to hold higher levels of vitamins and nutrients.

Pros of using frozen veggies: * Usually cheaper than fresh (even organic) * Last longer than fresh * Hold more nutrients than fresh * Very convenient * Less waste Cons of using frozen veggies: * Texture is usually a bit different * Could taste like your freezer if not stored correctly An ideal situation would be to have your own garden, grow your own organic veggies and use them as needed. Second best is probably buying them at the farm or farmers’ market and using immediately. But if that’s not feasible and your veggies usually go to waste, frozen ones are a great and convenient alternative!



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