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8 Ways I Practice "Balance" During Travel

Brussels, Belgium 2019

I would be lying if I said I didn't get a certain level of anxiety about weight gain when I travel. Part of me will always fear going backwards and waking up one day at 220lbs (my heaviest). I know the type of mental number I can play on myself, so "balance" has become CRUCIAL to my well being. Often, during shorter trips, I can live it up for a few days, head home and pick up where I left off. On longer, bigger trips, however, I have to be more careful.

During recent travels through France and Belgium, I had to be a lot more meticulous about how I used my energy, nourished my body and also enjoyed the culture and local delicacies. Here are a few things I do when I travel to enjoy myself but also stay balanced and healthy. 1. I take with me any everyday items or supplements I use. It's very important to feel as much like "myself" as possible. For me, these include fiber, probiotics, whey protein, vitamin C and D3! 2. I stock up on water and groceries the moment I arrive at my destination. 3. I eat protein and veggies before heading out for the day because whatever I eat the rest of the day will probably not be "health food" and that's ok! Part of the fun of travel is tasting local gastronomy. 4. I walk much as possible, whenever possible. Both to take in the new surroundings and to get my exercise. Wearing a Fitbit makes it extra fun! 5. I try to take a new fitness class or check out a new gym wherever I go because... that's my thing! I love it, it's an experience, it's part of my lifestyle and it makes me feel good! Plus I get to leave my sweat around the world! 😂 6. If I need a day off I take it. If that means skipping an event, a day trip or some sight-seeing... I'll skip it. I have learned to listen to my body and staying in to sleep, watch foreign TV or put on a face mask is perfectly fine. 7. I don't deprive myself nor do I force myself to indulge. I usually have a healthy breakfast, a local snack, one epic meal and dessert per day. But if there's something else I really want to try, I'll have it. Likewise, if I'm feeling gross or just tired of eating out, I'll make dinner myself. Cooking in foreign countries is fun too! This is especially important for me because I know that if I eat "fun" foods all day long every day, my energy and mood will suffer. I will begin to feel bloated, lethargic and sick. I have to pace myself, especially for a trip that's 3+ weeks long, I need to take care of myself. 8. I remind myself that I'm doing my best to be healthy and also enjoy life and if I happen to put on a few lbs while I'm away, SO BE IT! I trust my new lifestyle enough to know that I'll jump right into my routine the moment I get home. It's ok, just breathe.



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