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7 Reasons Why You Are Already A Badass + My Current Fave Adidas Yoga Pants

Social media likes to tell us that we suck, doesn't it? That we are too fat, too frumpy, too ugly, too old. Our hair is too thin, our glutes too small and our homes too plain. Our makeup sucks and we have a shitty wardrobe. We are so constantly being force-fed someone's idea of perfection that we begin to believe that we aren't enough. are 7 ๐Ÿ–โœŒ reasons why I think *you* are a #BADASS just the way you are (in case you forgot): 1. You get up, get your kids to school, love on them, feed them and handle your salary-less mom/dad business. Sometimes you struggle. Sometimes you leave your own items at checkout to buy more of theirs, but you make it work. YOU are a badass. 2. You struggle with depression, mental illness or addiction. You want to lay down and die some days, but you don't. When you fall, you get up and fight. YOU are a badass! 3. You don't hate people based on the color of their skin, religious views or sexual preference...YOU are a *much needed* badass! 4. You survived your childhood, came out on the other side and broke some cycles. Those old chains your family carried, not yours to pass on. You, my friend, are a badass! 5. You cry with sad movies or the news and you hurt when someone else is hurting. Congratulations, this cold and cruel world has not hardened your soul... you are a fucking badass! 6. You live how you like and don't give in to the pressures of society... hello, badass! 7. You like what you see in the mirror because it is a living, breathing, beautiful creation and no #fitspo in the world will make you feel like shit about yourself. YOU, boo, are one motha effin badass! You see, there's a real world out there. One that does not care about big peach bums or Pintrest-worthy living rooms. One that desperately needs love, light, compassion, humanity and courage. One that needs *you*, just as you are. So I urge you today, sweet friend, to purge yourself of any "inspo" that makes you feel inadequate. You deserve so much better than that. Protect your energy. You are enough. Pinky promise. ๐Ÿ’œ

I always feel like a badass in cute workout clothes that fit right. My current fave pants are these Adidas Wanderlust Tights. They are SO luxurious! They hug right, are high waisted enough to hold me in but not hold me back and cute as all hell! These are now on sale at Macy's so grab some before they're all gone!

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