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How To Gain Confidence At The Gym + Fake It 'Til You Make It

The number one question I get, especially from women, is:

"how do you become confident in the gym?"

The struggle to get over our fear of looking silly or stupid is SO real! And it is absolutely justified! Confidence does not come naturally to me, at the gym or in life. It never has. I have had to learn how to "act as if" until it becomes my truth. In my job as a photographer and on set as a model/on-air talent I always have to be "on". I always have to be entertaining and a leader and outgoing. I do my job and I do it WELL, but I've had to teach myself to go out there and parade around as an extrovert when, frankly, it's a lie. I am a fraud. I am deep-down, at my core, one hundred percent of the time at least somewhat intimidated or shy. I would pick a quiet room and a good book over a social scene any day. But when that curtain comes up and it's time to bring out "Lola" my fabulous, go-getter alter-ego that entertains everyone... trust me, that bitch brings it!

The key, in my humble opinion, is to not let those things, those personality traits, those legitimate fears hold us back. We have the opportunity and the CHOICE every single day to be who we want to be. And I, for one, choose to be a badass, fearless, pretend ninja warrior every single time I set foot into a gym. And ultimately, we are what we believe we are. So make believe until you are.

With that said, here is a video I made with my experiences and tips for figuring out what to do at the gym, taking that next step, overcoming our weight room fears and tackling our fitness goals. Because to humbly quote myself:

"the treadmill and elliptical will only get you so far..."

I hope you find this useful, informative or at the very least entertaining!




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