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My Story - Powered By Motiv8 Performance

Hello friends!

It's been a minute! If you follow me on social media you've probably already seen this video from back in April, but I wanted to give it a permanent home here on the blog. It's a glimpse into my story up until earlier this year.

Motiv8 Performance is the supplement company that sponsors me. I've been with them since late last year and they chose me to be featured as a spotlight athlete. I was so nervous to film this! I hadn't been on camera since I filmed STRONG for NBC and if you watched it, well you'd see how I'd be nervous LOL. :/ But it was fun and totally worth it. Let me know your thoughts in a Youtube comment! 💖

Make sure to check out the Motiv8 website and feel free to use my discount code for 30% off any purchase: VIC30




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