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Name Change! Focusing On Fitness + Weight Loss

Following my recent weight loss comparison post on Instagram (this one), I received a lot of messages with questions about how I did it, what I eat, supplements, cheat meals, workouts, etc. And as much as I'm doing my best to answer everyone individually, it got me thinking that weight loss is something that I have come to really know about. I think my time would best be served by specializing my blog and steering it towards those who are starting out or wanting to start their own fitness/weight loss journey.

Now, I want make it very clear that I am not a personal trainer or fitness expert. I am not certified or qualified in any way, shape or form to tell anyone what to do with their bodies and/or health. I am, however, a girl who has struggled with her weight her entire life. I think I was six years old the first time I ever went on a "diet" and continued to be a yo-yo-dieter my entire life. I have tried every fad diet, trendy workout and magic pill ever created. I also had a terrible relationship with food up until approximately two years ago when I decided to do things the right way and stick to it. Now, finding out exactly what "the right way" was, is a whole different story.

I have spent an ungodly amount of time, money and resources on food, fancy coaches, gym gear, supplements and studying the science of weight loss and nutrition. I've gone through my fair share of trial and error, training variations and research, and I finally feel I have a grip on my body, my mind and my health. There is so much most people don't know. The fitness industry is a multi-million dollar industry that thrives on the misinformation of most people. There is so much that people don't tell you and so much information that most medical professionals don't even know themselves. I'm not here to tell anyone what they should do, but rather to tell my story and share how I did it. How I managed to lose 65 lbs naturally and keep it off for over 2 years without starving myself or being miserable.

With that said, I have decided to change the blog name from Boss Babe Cartel, to Fit Babe Cartel. It's just more fitting to where I'm going with it. Also, I highly encourage anyone considering starting their own fitness/weight loss journey to consult a physician and get some basic tests done before starting. I'd suggest getting blood work and a physical and making sure you get the green light from your doctor before starting any type of new regimen. Please feel free to reach out via the contact page with any questions or topic requests!


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