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It's My Birthday!

And today is MY birthday! Yep, just one day after my husband.

Growing up I always hated my birthday. I hated that it was in the winter and I could never have a Hawaii-themed party, I hated that my presents got split between Christmas and birthday, I hated that Jan 3rd was usually the first day back to school from Christmas break, I hated that no one was up for doing anything by the time my birthday rolled around because everyone was usually tired, broke and constipated. LOL. Seriously, no one wanted to go out, spend money or eat anything by that point haha. THEN I married a guy who has his birthday a DAY BEFORE me. 😳 So now I'M always stuffed and over it by January 3rd haha. All I generally want to do is overdose on laxatives and sleep bahaha. #butreally

But it's a good thing that I've always enjoyed my own company because I made it a tradition to do my own thing and pamper myself. Today I plan on sipping my tea, getting my training done, getting a mani/pedi, doing a little retail therapy and then dinner with my beau. <3

And yes, I do wake up like that every morning. In case you were curious lol.

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