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Weight Loss + Hair Loss

I am an open book: the good, the bad and the ugly. Hair loss is very common after weight-loss and I was not the exception. It's something I've been battling with since the bulk of my transformation and it sucks! I was very lucky to have had an amazing opportunity to go on a reality show and get top-notch training and a full-blown transformation for free, but part of the downside of doing something like that for television is the fact that there are production deadlines to meet. It was a very fast weight-loss situation and I was eating very low calories (nutrients) for a period of about five months. Please note that I was being watched very closely by a medical professional and that is why we were able to push the envelope and do such an extreme diet + exercise regimen. Hair loss can occur for many different reasons, with weight-loss and stress being at the top of the list.

It's hair loss awareness month and ColorProof Color Care Authority really came through and hooked me up with their new regrowth system, BioRepair 8. Not only that, but their International Creative Director and rockstar celeb stylist, Phillip Willis, hooked it up with a fresh new do! I'll keep you guys posted on the product and if it's working or not. I'll be doing check-ins every 30 days with photos, so stay tuned! Click here to purchase this product.

Shout-out to Modern Salon Magazine for the FB Live coverage. And an extra special shout-out to the universe for always coming through and throwing me all sorts of cool stuff. <3



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