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Disney Dayyyyyy

My cousin is here visiting from Mexico and, naturally, I had to take her to Disneyland! I'm not sure if that was more for her or myself, but I was not about to let down my inner twelve year old! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I worked there in my late teens/early twenties and you would think that I'd be over it... but no. Never. Disneyland is always magical, but nothing beats taking someone who's never been before. It just never gets old.

Sooo... we went on Cars the ride as "singles" so that we'd save on waiting time. I liked only waiting 20 minutes, versus 2 hours, but I did feel like a little bit of a loser I'm not even gonna lie. I got flashbacks of eating alone in the bathroom during lunch in high school. But I survived and even got this little gem to take home:



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