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10 Random Facts About Me

Because... why the heck not. There is no TMI here, gang! I know you want to know weird things about me! Emuright?!


1. I wear watches on my dominant hand.

2. I'm OCD about balance. Crooked things freak me out. :/

3. I am first generation American. My families on both sides are from Mexico.

4. I love coffee and I love cake. But I absolutely despise coffee flavored cake.

5. I speak fluent Spanish and pretty decent broken French.

6. I have the penmanship of a three-year old boy.

7. I am obsessed with World War II and The Holocaust.

8. I never feel guilty about spending top dollar on a good CPA and a good pedicure.

9. My arms are 1.2 inches longer than the average person.

10. As a kid I wanted to grow up to be a painter or a ballerina. Or a queen.



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