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About Me


Hi! I'm Victoria. A photographer, blogger and wellness advocate based in Orange County, California. I started this blog to document my journey. My weight loss journey, life journey, girl boss journey, journey to happiness... ya know, ALL the journeys.

You see, in 2015 I was 220 lbs, prediabetic, battling depression and not living my best life at all. Long story short: I went on a reality show, failed miserably, lost some fat, gained some friends and learned everything about myself. I started an Instagram account to track my progress and share my new lifestyle with the supportive viewers who were invested in my story. Now, as I continue to work every day towards being a better version of myself, I want to share with others what I've learned along the way and hopefully help those who find themselves where I once was.

I love travel, fancy chocolate and yoga pants. I like to cook and read. Rocky road is my favorite ice cream. I am silly, somewhat awkward and a tad nerdy. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love to surround myself with strong women. I feel empowered by the rise of other babes. I strongly believe that together, in air-tight unity, women could climb to the highest of powers. We could become, dare I say... the strongest cartel.


I hope you'll find my rambles enjoyable, relatable, useful, comical or at the very least entertaining. Feel free to contact me below for questions and/or topic requests. Don't forget to subscribe and most definitely find me on social media! #bffs

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